Kate Reingold
graphic design
Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 12.09.48 AM.png


Project: In teams of two, create a landing page that is over-the-top WOW. Using animation, illustration, parallax, and more, code a site with a strong emphasis on storytelling and experimentation. 

Process: I had an incredible partner for this project, and Michelle and I had a blast coding a fun, educational website geared towards middle school science classes. We implemented javascript, flexbox, AOS, smooth scroll, CSS animations, parallax, sticky headers and more.

My role: I created the illustrations and wrote the copy for this project, and most of my coding energy was focused on CSS animations and adding sticky elements to the site. 

The page is live over at Michelle's website, but note that this was an experimental project and the site is not responsive. Best viewed in Chrome.