Kate Reingold
graphic design


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Oh hi! Fancy seeing you here on the internet. You look very nice today.

I'm a first-year graphic design student at Seattle Central Creative Academy, and I love it more than I love Season 1 of Chef's Table and *NSYNC before 2002. (That's a lot.)

Before I went back to school, I worked on marketing and events at an incredible local book publisher, as well as for some lovely nonprofits.  

Questions? Comments? Need help picking a restaurant? Email me at k8reingold at gmail.com.

(I also live on Instagram, where I share work from my Year of Making, a multi-year project that involves making something every darn day.)

Currently on the hunt for an internship for Summer 2017! I'd love to work with a small, Seattle-based team that's excited about community and mentorship.